The history of Elworks

“B&H el-artikler A/S” was founded in 1920. In 2000 we implemented the trademark Elworks under the auspices of B&H el-artikler A/S.

At Elworks we believe in the shortest route from producer to consumer. That is why we created the trademark Elworks for the Scandinavian retail industry.

In collaboration with Christian Bjørn Design we have developed a strong graphic line as well as a completely new concept for Elworks.

Elworks’ graphic expression is symbolically held in the retro style. The style is reminiscent of the 50s – when the consumers really started to buy electrical equipment for households.

Elworks’ electrical range includes electrical fittings, installation material, mountings and fasteners, lighting, controls and alarms, door bells and security, telephone and aerial materials, cable drums etc. (See catalogue / shop).

Elworks makes the retail industry’s electrical departments exciting and attracts customers with a beautiful and symbolic design that is a lovely and exciting part of the retail trade.

The Elworks concept is constantly evolving.

January 2010 the B&H electrical appliances A/S changed its name to Elworks A/S.