Elworks' Environmental Policy

We want to integrate environmental considerations in connection with the company’s activities and we will actively work to meet environmental requirements, and fulfil our commitments as part of society.

Almost all production puts pressure on the environment – this also applies to the production of electrical supplies.

Elworks A/S endeavours to treat the environment with the outmost respect, while at the same time producing electrical supplies at a competitive price. We believe that sustainability is a good, long-term business, based on continuing dialogue about the balance between economy, environment and responsibility - without compromising the part that directly relates to our responsibility and respect for the environment.

  1. We will work with preventive measures and focus on reducing the impacts of our production on the environment, the employees and the wider community.
  2. We will integrate knowledge from research as much as possible.
  3. We will also develop, plan and invest in our production and products so as to show maximum respect for the environment.
  4. We will comply with, and be at the forefront of, environmental legislation and applicable environmental regulations. Elworks A/S is also covered by the WEEE directive and therefore a member of ‘Elretur’.
  5. We will always promote and encourage our suppliers to incorporate environmental issues in their productions and products.